A Comparison Between Plant and Whey Protein Supplements

A Comparison Between Plant and Whey Protein Supplements

Your body requires a balanced diet for proper function. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and minerals. Proteins are essential in the body for proper brain function, tissue repair and regeneration, metabolism and boosting the body immunity among others. Protein is a component of body cells and is a component of a healthy diet.

Food for thought:

Protein supplements offer a convenient way to help meet your protein intake requirements. Most people can obtain their daily dietary requirements of protein easily. However, if a situation where greater protein intake is necessary, you may need to supplement your intake.

There are two common varieties of protein supplements; plant and animal based. Favorite sources of plant proteins include peas, rice, hemp, and soy. On the other hand, whey is an animal based protein supplement. It is a highly processed derivative of milk. Whey supplements have been around for a long time while plant protein supplements are only gaining popularity in comparison.

There are distinguishing factors you should be aware of between the two. Let’s look at some of them.

Advantages of Plant Protein Supplements

  1. Effectiveness: They are just as good as whey protein supplements in getting the job done.
  2. Digestion and metabolism: They are digested better than the dairy-based whey.
  3. Healthier: Plant proteins are not processed. They do not contain artificial additives, preservatives or flavoring components. They are an exceptional source of amino acids, fiber, antioxidants and more.
  4. Taste: They are mostly considered to be better in taste and easier to mix with water.
  5. Variety: There is more choice in the food components in plant-based proteins.

However, some plant protein products contain lower amounts of specific amino acids. This is of little concern as your body will get sufficient nutrients from the combination of both your regular diet and the supplement. Alternately, you can opt for products that have the complete range of ingredients.

Advantages of Whey Protein Supplements

Whey protein supplements also enjoy a host of benefits over plant protein supplements such as;

  1. Cost effective.
  2. You will find it at your favorite local or online store.
  3. Whey is effective for muscle growth and repair. Additionally, it is packed with digestive enzymes and other nutritional enhancements.
  4. Convenience. It comes in an easy to ingest format such as a shake, which is quickly absorbed into the body.

In spite of the undeniable attraction to whey, there are several drawbacks to using whey protein supplements including;

a) Whey protein supplements are highly processed which negatively impacts the net nutritional value

b) They may contain significant amounts of artificial ingredients and flavorings

c) Most people with dairy-related allergies find it difficult to hold them down and properly digest them, not to mention elevated levels of stomach gas.


Both plant and whey protein supplements deliver proven results. Plant protein supplements offer healthier, easily digestible organic blends of two or more ingredients to achieve desired results. Whey protein supplements are affordable, convenient and have been trusted for years. Accordingly, take your pick based on individual preferences and health benefits.

4 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Personal Trainer Should Know

4 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Personal Trainer Should Know

Social networking is crucial in today’s marketing world and is an integral part of promoting your business. Being a personal trainer means you are in charge of your own marketing; Here are some tips:

Use Every Social Media Platform At Your Disposal

There are multiple social media marketing platforms that can help you reach more followers, fans, and new clientele. For example, creating a Facebook fan page for your business, which will help create a fan base that is highly interested in your personal training journey and your skills.

Similarly, it will only benefit your bottom line by creating pages across Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. This is because fans and possible clients that you can not reach through one platform, you will more likely reach through several other social media platforms.

Post To Your Social Media Pages Everyday

Once you have your social media marketing platforms set up make sure that you are posting daily, multiple times a day. Personal trainers know that self-promotion can be tough and time consuming, but building your brand is an important part of bringing in clients. Posting daily will help to increase traffic to your pages, which means increased views, likes, and followers.

Part of this aspect means mixing up your posts, like offering tips and recommendations as a personal trainer. This means you should include videos and photos. For example, sharing a weekly video of a workout or posting before and after photos of clients that you have helped. This social media marketing strategy helps increase the popularity of your pages because it showcases your professional skills and client successes.

As your social media marketing skills begin to grow, many personal trainers admit that creating online workout programs brings in more traffic. For instance, creating a 6 to 8 week workout program that your followers could try helps to build up trust and loyalty in your skills as a personal trainer. This is because folks that are able to try your program and actually get results are more likely to seek your services in the future.

Also, a great way to make your social media pages interactive is by allowing your followers to post as well. They can post their trials and tribulations as they implement your workout program. It is important to note that having a great response rate will strengthen their loyalty, so make sure you are answering questions and commenting on their success.

Offer Incentives in Bold Posts

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your social media pages is by offering discounts and deals on your personal training sessions. When you make these promotions, ensure that your posts are noticeable and straightforward. This means make your promotional posts bold, eye-catching, and crystal clear when it comes to what you are offering. It will help bring in new clients and provide more incentive for fans that were originally on the fence about reaching out to you.