Working as a personal trainer can be a highly fulfilling job, as you work to help people develop the bodies and lifestyles they want, motivate them to achieve their goals and celebrate as they make progress. However, like any job, there are a few mistakes that you can be making as you work that can be decreasing your effectiveness as a great trainer. Here are 5 blunders to avoid:

  • Skipping a fitness assessment for new clients – In order to familiarize yourself with the needs, strengths and weaknesses of a new client, it’s important to do a proper initial assessment. This can be a time to identify any health concerns as well as goals.
  • Recommending generic routines – Each client is unique and has different needs and ways of approaching exercise. While you may have preferences for certain workout routines, exercise is not one size fits all. When you start working with a new client, it’s important to design a custom workout program that suits not only what they are trying to achieve, but embraces their exercise habits, such as a preference for variety, or a love of cardio, in order to encourage them to keep at their workouts.
  • Not continuing to learn – No matter what career you are in, constantly continuing to educate yourself in your field is key to becoming even better at what you do. Whether it’s taking a class on new methods or new studies, specializing in one area, taking a new certification or taking a class in a field that compliments training, learning is one way to make sure that you stay competitive in your field.
  • Lacking communication with your clients – Part of what makes a great trainer is the ability to effectively communicate with your client. This is how you will give them your expertise and knowledge, and ensure that they are performing exercises safely and correctly. Take the time to explain why proper form is important and what each exercise does for the client.
  • Not specializing yourself – By specializing in one area of training or one type of client, not only will you set yourself apart from the crowd, but this allows you to focus and become the best at one facet of training, whether that is training sports professionals, working with the elderly or helping individuals new to exercising ease safely into fitness.